We welcome all passionate

entrepreneurs who love the seas.

Confused about the direction of our new world? Want to figure out the best way to navigate through this post crisis era?


You may have just found the right company to partner with.

Navisyo™ is always looking for those individuals seeking to turn this past crisis into an opportunity, an opportunity to help others while making our world a better place.

We are looking for those ambitious, passionate about the seas, willing to make a real change while building an incredible business.

We are looking for those who have grasped that the traditional approaches to business is soon coming to an end, that this is the right time to take these lessons and turn the boat around and strive in our new environment.

We have a business model unlike in the world. 

Are you one of these? Then we want to know you.

Boat Captain



Boating Enthusiast

Captain or Owner of Marinas

Marina Director

Chartering Company

Event Planner

Marine Conservationist