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Ike Stranathan

Alexander is also a highly detailed manager who believes that long-term planning is key to successful execution of any project. He is one of those rare people that has lived and worked for decades in both the Western and Eastern world. He can bridge cultural gaps flawlessly and succeed virtually anywhere he goes. If you have a chance to work or invest in Alexander - I suggest you take it. I've never met someone with more experience, or a bigger worldwide business network. That is why when given this rare opportunity to become a Lead Investor in Navisyo, I didn’t hesitate. Great concept and great leadership are two things I always look for when investing, and this company has them in spades.

Michael Limbo

My sister-in-law mentioned to us that she has found an official company that deals with investment, and future income. At first, I doubted her, since I have heard countless stories from my friends about scams. But as I continued to read some articles and do a little more research, I have discovered that I can ensure that I will get LEGIT future income! With just $100? It's really that simple! Thanks to Navisyo! I now have ensured my family's future and even get a little to spend for myself too!

David Aldrich

This an amazing concept that has broken down many barriers in the boat share business orbit. The owners have a lot less risk as this is a lot tighter with who drives boat/yacht. It opens a whole new world of traveling options that are safe in these uncertain times. It provides an unforgettable experience for the guests, and opens up the opportunity to people who have never experienced the pleasure of staying on board a yacht that they normally would not have. 

Julius C. Villarta

It's been a while and I have a chance to grow with the company that had gone up to 500,000 $ just for a short period of time, indeed a milestone. Still I'm continuously grateful for live changing, from angel investors, to founding member, delegate and ambassador to even a key partner. Looking forward for more exciting news! Thank you to our CEO Alexander Michael.

Antonin Patera

My favorite spots are in Greece and I always wanted to sleep on a boat in one of those romantic marinas, sounds more fun and exciting to be on the water! Lastly I invested because I know the owner personally, I value his competences and I also trust Lucie will support this mission to her best abilities. 

Raymond Legaspi

I learned about Navisyo from my colleague and started to look at its website, making me feel secured since the people behind it and its other investors has good credentials. I became interested about it and wanted to invest, even with a small amount, hoping that it will make my investment grow and will make me knowledgeable about its field.

Patrick Crochemore

I have personally known Alexander since 1999. We met when I was the Director of the Salon de la Franchise in Paris, France. He was a client, representing one of the biggest real estate brands in the world. He was not only a true professional but he was also a great human being. One of the best presenters and leaders I have seen!  I strongly believe in his ability as a leader to see this company through. I have seen him over and over out of nothing create something great. I reside in Thailand and there are so many boat owners who would welcome this unique opportunity, knowing that so many are struggling maintaining their passion afloat. Good luck to the entire team! 

Vladimir Podshivalov

Alexander is very human-centric in his approach to this venture and wants todo everything to make both communities - sailors and travelers - happier; not just to built a profitable business. 

The best Airbnb hosts are passionate about the place they live in; and 99.9% of sailors are passionate about the sea and their boats; so Navisyo is destined to bring into the world a remarkable travel experience 

Katia Demeire

I used to work as Alexander’s executive assistant twenty years ago in another start-up company he had created. That venture quickly became a huge success and I watched same grow from a small operation to a global one. Those years, working side by side with him, became the best professional years of my life.  He always took care of his people. I know his personal commitment, his perseverance, always driven by passion will bring this project once again to a glorious success. 

Claire Gomez

There are a lot of investments circulating around the world locally and internationally, but for me Navisyo is an outstanding company where I can entrust my hard earned money and invest in, to be able to achieve my long term goal. In every investments there are risks and with Navisyo, I can truly say that it is worth the risk, to gamble on something that can become a huge success in the near future.

Benjamin Dillena

Navisyo is one of my favorite companies to work with because they have always shown experience and professionalism in all of my experiences with them. The firm's meticulous implementation puts them at the top of my list. I have complete faith in their sincerity and dignity, and I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Reagan Moore

I graduated as a Bachelor in Tourism and ended up joining the international cruise ships as an entertainer by playing as part of the band and I love touring around the globe. Now I'm back home and I was offered this platform which reflects my calling, so I joined in. I'll be glad to share to the world and the people I come across this wonderful investment.

Delia Abad

 This good friend of mine who I call my travel buddy opened my eyes to this investment venture which I didn't consider when it was first mentioned to me at the time the company was just about to open its doors for investors. I have decided to invest because like most I also want to have financial stability and more importantly have time freedom so I can spend more time with my daughter. Of course bonus to that is to join my travel buddy Janette Mapanao in our future travels and I believe we will be having lots of that by the sea with our families.

Konstantin Kostopoulos

People need a platform to express themselves, find their higher purpose so Navisyo can become that platform for many people out there. Alexander’s fantastic mentality and positive outlook in life surprise me. I can vouch with all confidence, with my mind and heart for this man and his project. As an engineer officer in the Marine and as a superintendent engineer I have inspected hundreds of large ships across the world.

Mariz Rizabel Del Rio

Navisyo the “Airbnb of the seas” is a game-changer! I love the investment opportunity and be able to witness the Billion $$ industry grow just like the transcending success of Facebook and Uber. Together with the tycoons I look up to who invested and believed in Navisyo’s platform, I’m confident that we will all going to enjoy not just the perks of sailing around the world but also the lifetime rewards that goes with the investment. More power Alex and dynamic Navisyo Team! 

Oscar Santos

At my age, I've been in so many things in life. I have learned through time that we should never just depend on single income, we should invest and create second, third or even fourth source of income.

Wise spending is wise investing and it's never too late no matter what age your start.

Czaira Villarta

Navisyo is one of my favorite companies to work with because they have always shown experience and professionalism in all of my experiences with them. The firm's meticulous implementation puts them at the top of my list. I have complete faith in their sincerity and dignity, and I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Norvie Mapanao

Life is good when you are enjoying your fruits of your labor with the presence of your family. I am a chef in a shipping line and wished i can cook and have fun with my kids and my lovely wife in a cruise like what i do when i serve and cook for the people to enjoy in their travels. Navisyo is making that dream come true.